My Friends.

You know when you’re just having a shit day but then you see that one friend and you can’t even act like you’re okay - because they would know something is wrong? And while it’s been the worst day of your life, if you sit with that friend for a while then everything seems okay.

I’m happy to say I have that. With most all of my friends.

I am so lucky to have an amazing support system of friends and talented peers who have made my transition into college a pleasurable one. I remember thinking over the summer, “they won’t like me.” I figured they are all going to be beautiful, talented people with their own lives and here I am this big ol’ loud person that love-smothers. While all of this is still true, they have managed to accept me for me and I couldn’t be happier.


*Sidenote: I went and saw “What’s Your Number?” tonight with two of those amazing friends. It was good. Cute. Predictable, but fun. :)

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