Yesterday I fought for Barack Obama, today I celebrate for him, tomorrow i’ll go back to being subtly in love with our President.

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The future is bright,

Last night, America made leaps and bounds towards equality:

  • Obama Re-elected. Rights for women, students, and working-class Americans are safe.
  • Same-sex marriage legalized in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.
  • Marijuana legalized in Colorado and Washington.
  • First openly gay woman elected to Senate. (Wisconsin)
  • First pansexual woman elected to Senate. (Texas)
  • First Asian-American woman elected to Senate. (Hawaii)
  • First disabled veteran elected to House of Represenatives. (Illinois)
  • First Hindu woman elected to Congress. (Hawaii)
  • New Hampshire becomes the first state to be led by all-female representation.

We did it, America. The future is bright.

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Chris Evans Supports Obama

“I-I— It’s not even about—again, not to go down this road too far— it’s NOT EVEN ABOUT his political stance, it’s about his approach to political discussions. He has a demeanor and a way of speaking that is patient; he’s calculated — he listens, and it’s about compromise… I think he has his opinions and his views, but he has a way of making you feel heard and finding a middle-ground. I just respect his approach to problem-solving so massively, and for these times where EVERYONE has an opinion and lines are blurred as to what is right and wrong, you need someone who can come to the table with patience, with a rational approach and the ability to find a compromise. And to this day, I have not seen a politician bring that to the table more than he has.


#if captain america tells you to vote for obama #you vote for obama

^ listen to the hashtag people.

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