You took the time to memorize me my fears my hopes and dreams
I just like hanging out with you all the time
All those times that you didn’t leave it’s been occuring to me I would like to hang out with you for my whole life

Stay and I’ll be loving you for quite some time
No one else is gonna love me when I get mad mad mad
So I think that it’s best if we both stay stay stay stay

taylor swift stay stay stay red tswift tswizzle basically my spirit animal but really these lyrics i love this ah lyrics love cute crush

Sometimes I wish I could go back and forget ever reading my favorite books. So that when I pick them up to read them, the magic is brand new. First discovering the love you have for a character. Your first OTP becoming canon. The first time you lost your favorite character. All of the firsts all over again. 

books beginning start again again harry potter the hunger games the vampire diaries true blood southern vampire series pretty little liars gossip girl game of thrones a song of ice and fire asoiaf otp love loss gpoy feels

Life isn’t about never being upset, it’s not about being happy all of the time. It’s about finding your way through the hardships and appreciating the little things that are beautiful in the world. Today you should smile. Not for any other reason than that you are alive and that is enough. Every heart beat is purpose. You’re beautiful, you’re worthy, this life is yours - live it.

life purpose be happy wisdom quote by me how i'm feeling beauty beautiful self esteem self harm hardship bad day live love smile