I wish I was a female tiger because then if I was talking to someone and I was getting off topic I could say “but I tigress,” and then kill and eat them because I am a tiger


harry can defeat the dark lord but can’t pick up some bacon

he looks at it like he just dropped his hopes and dreams

Whoop there’s goes my bacon just like my parents and my pride.

Just like my parents and my pride.

I just cackled.

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Les Miserables according to Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

bless this post.

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Hello my life. Hi life. OH HEY.

There is a monkey chasing a banana in the compass…

  • Me: Ugh. Fuck boys. BOOM ROASTED.
  • Alecia: HOLLA BACK GIRL.
  • Me: I ain't no holla back girl.
Bark Ruffalo.

well…i did not expect that ending.

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Never underestimate the power of a very loud idiot with a combover and a munster sidekick.

I just saw a tag for a Josh Hutcherson gifset that said: look at his face he is actually a precious angel puppy.

I love this fandom.